Damp Proofing

We specialise in preventative measures against rising damp and lateral damp which is an extremely common problem in structures. If damp issues are not rectified timeously, aesthetics are compromised devaluing the property as well as lead to serious structural damage.

Not to mention the health hazard in the home and work place. When damp is suspected, we provide the customer with a thorough assessment whereby a recommendation is given of the correct action to follow.

With the help of our moisture meters and vast experience in damp proofing, we are certain that we can provide a solution best suited to tackle the damp and to avoid the costly and unnecessary consequences of it.

  • Rising damp: The absorption of moisture through the ground into the mortar and bricks of a wall through capillary action. Ultimately the water will rise through the pores of the masonry seeking means of evaporation. The most common means of treatment would require the removal of the damaged plaster, holes to be drilled into the mortar and thereafter a chemical damp course to be injected into the holes. Once complete, a cementitious slurry is applied and the area is finally plastered with a waterproofing additive.
  • Lateral damp: This is when moisture enters the structure in a horizontal direction and not from the ground up. Once gravity comes into force, it then causes the downward movement into other areas. Often, it may take a number of week’s even months before the problem is apparent and visible. Signs of lateral damp may include circles or patches of damp which increase in size after rainfall, wet plaster, lime build-up and mildew. It is important to find the root cause of lateral damp which may be entering from various, non-obvious locations and could also be caused by structural problems.

Areas of rising and lateral damp:

  • Basements
  • Wine cellars
  • Walls
  • Areas of poor drainage
  • Areas of poor ventilation
  • Areas which consist of a high water table
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