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Residence in Morningside

Project Type: Waterproofing and roof coating
Project Date: Apr 3, 2017

Initially we were called to attend to the waterproofing of a balcony as there was continuous problems with leakages and the customer wanted to re-tile the balcony area. Whilst busy carrying out the waterproofing work, we decided to climb on the roof area to see the condition of the roof. Both fla...

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Residence in Morehill Benoni

Project Type: Waterproofing and damp proofing of boundary walls
Project Date: Jul 1, 2016

Upon inspection of the boundary walls on this property, there was a vast amount of hairline cracks as well as severe structural cracks caused by movement and general wear and tear over the years. There was substantial evidence of water ingress and consequentially damage to the walls. Th...

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Agricultural residence in Benoni

Project Type: Repairing and waterproofing of leaking resevoires
Project Date: Jan 1, 2016

According to the owner, these two reservoirs had been out of order for many years before it was decided to get them repaired once and for all. Our customer has a passion to have exquisite koi fish in the reservoirs once it was complete and therefore our waterproofing had to be non-toxic...

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Commercial warehouse in Johannesburg

Project Type: Re-coating of roof area
Project Date: Nov 1, 2016

This particular warehouse roof in Johannesburg was in pretty poor condition. The paint had become chalky and dull and was in need of some good maintenance and a fresh coat of paint. We understand as a company it’s not all about aesthetics however, it is still important and most s...

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New residence in Sandton

Project Type: Damp proofing
Project Date: Jun 1, 2014

This new project was an enormous 3 storey house in Johannesburg. We were called by one of our contractors to damp proof the basement, cinema and elevator shaft which was below ground level. Due to the high water table in this specific area, it was imperative to correctly damp proof all&...

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New residences in Houghton

Project Type: Waterproofing of 4 houses on the property
Project Date: Sep 5, 2012

These newly built homes are on a massive property consisting of one main house and 3 other houses on the property. We undertook to complete all the waterproofing on the flat concrete roof areas in a timeously manner in order for all the work to be complete so that the families could mov...

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