Veld, Cooper & Associates | Hayley Hynd

Project Type: Waterproofing

This serves to advise that we have utilised the services of Baseline Waterproofing Specialists extensively over the past year and Jody and his team have provided nothing short of excellent service. They are reliable, dependable and offer excellent workmanship. I would have no problem referring Jody to anybody needing any assistance with their roofing requirements.

Bernard Cox

Project Type: Waterproofing

Dear Maxine and Jody, I have to thank you both for being there when I truly needed someone to trust. You know the structural flaws that were evident in the roofing, et al, of the cottage built by a company that was in fact referred to me by a prominent building material supplier, and the futility of trying to get them back to make repairs. I want to thank you for your proficiency, expertise, thoroughness and friendly approach to the project of restoring a combination of defects, which would inevitably become costly, devastating developments come the rainy season. I’m proud to say that I can now boast the fact that I eventually did make a really good decision in having your company address the leaks that the builders left in their sloppy wake. I should mention the pleasure it was, to have had your team on my premises. They were hard working, friendly, most courteous, respectful in every way, and very quiet as they got on with the job at hand. I’d also like to thank you and the team for being so willingly helpful when I needed the extra hands to bury our St. Bernard. I take my hat off to you and your team for a job so very well executed. Christine and I wish you both, and your company, every success into the future. I’d recommend your company to anyone, any day.

Loren Goldstein

Project Type: Damp Proofing, Waterproofing

Baseline waterproofing under the direction of Jody Smith, was referred to me by my builder Dkon construction. I needed areas of my roof to be waterproofed. My roof was leaking at the time after heavy rains. Jody was very courteous and friendly on the telephone and arrived punctually to meet with me. He explained what the problems were and what work would be needed to repair the roof. On a certain part of the flat roof, a geyser and air con unit needed to be removed in order for the waterproofing to be done correctly. He arranged to meet with the plumbers and the air con people to remove the units, fix the roof and then to have the units put back on the roof. He has always been thorough and repaired the roof properly. The job was done timeously. Many businesses and individuals would benefit from working with Baseline Waterproofing, as they are honest and efficient. Jody advises what should be done and supervises his workers.

D-Kon | Leon Van Schkalkwyk

Project Type: Damp Proofing, Waterproofing

This letter serves to confirm that D-Kon Ontwikkelings sub-contracts Baseline Waterproofing cc on our building sites since March 2011. Jody Smith is the director of the company and I would just like to say that Jody and his team are punctual and reliable and take great care when it comes to their work. They pride themselves on quality materials and a high standard of workmanship. We have an excellent working relationship and we rest assured that when we call Jody to attend to a job, we know the job will be completed timeously and with the utmost of care as Jody is extremely meticulous.

CEO Atcor Developments | At Koekemoer

Project Type: Damp Proofing, Waterproofing

Atcor Developments specialise in Building Upmarket Residential Homes and have been in the industry for almost 20 years. We have always made use of Sub-Contractors for the waterproofing work, and as such have dealt with several Waterproofing companies. We have had the good fortune to cross paths with Jody from Baseline Waterproofing. Jody shares our vision to provide efficient, hassle-free services to its clients. We introduced Jody to several previous Projects which we were having endless unresolved waterproofing issues with, and he has never disappointed us or failed to resolve any of our waterproofing problems. Jody is very pedantic and uncompromising in his approach to his work, which is why he is so good at what he does. His work is of an exceptional high standard and we would not hesitate to recommend him no matter how big or small the job. It has been an absolute pleasure for us to work with Jody from Baseline over the past 3 -4 years and we look forward to a long relationship with many more Projects in the future.

Storm and Lindsay Mc Guinness

Project Type: Roof Coating, Waterproofing

Let me start by saying our roof was in a horrible condition. Five rooms were leaking badly and we used to joke that we had our own water feature in one of the guest rooms, where the water was pouring down the wall. Finally deciding to do something about it we were recommended Baseline water proofing by a friend. From the moment we were in contact with Jody the owner we knew we had the right company. He come to our property and inspected our roof with professionalism and product knowledge that was astounding. We felt well informed and eager to start working with him. Through out the whole quoting process he was able to listen to our concerns and able to come up with the best solutions possible for us.We always felt in control of the whole process which was a big plus for us as I have dealt with very pushy contractors before who just want to push their own agendas for increased profits. When work began we were very impressed by the professionalism and courtesy of the Baseline team as they all greeted us and I must say they all looked great in their Baseline overalls. When work began Jody gave clear instructions to his team and I was quite impressed how the team all worked together, they all new exactly what to do and how to do it. The work was done efficiently and professionally without the feeling of it being rushed. I was also impressed by the perfectionist in Jody as he was able to identify small and big problems quickly and sort them out as if they had occurred on his own roof. Whenever there was a problem or a concern Jody would always inform us and explain the best solution. When the work was complete he showed us the results with pride, I could see then and there that he loves what he does and will always do his best to achieve the best results. When everything was said and done all rubble and mess was removed and dealt within the appropriate manner. I had complete confidence in the work done and this was confirmed when the rains came, not a single leak was to be found.

Ziyaad Sarang

Project Type: Waterproofing

I have done a major additions and alterations to my house. I needed waterproofing for many leaks that started soon after the alterations. Baseline Waterproofing helped me solve the many leaks that appeared on the new roof. The result was that we used them for the major maintenance work that was required. One thing that I liked was their customer service, especially from Jody Smith, he is impeccable. I have dealt with many contractors and will vouch for Baseline Waterproofing as having THE best customer service, after-sales service and quality of workmanship. I found the experience of working with the Baseline Waterproofing team to be professional, pleasant and smooth. I would recommend Baseline Waterproofing to anyone for their waterproofing needs.
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