Residence in Morehill Benoni

Project Type: Waterproofing and damp proofing of boundary walls
Project Date: Jul 1, 2016

Upon inspection of the boundary walls on this property, there was a vast amount of hairline cracks as well as severe structural cracks caused by movement and general wear and tear over the years. There was substantial evidence of water ingress and consequentially damage to the walls. The corrective action taken to get the boundary walls back up to its original standard was scrape off all old and loose paint, all cracks were opened, cleaned out and then filled with a cementitious based filler. Delaminated plaster was stripped and re-plastered. The soil was also removed down to foundation level to allow exposure to the sun and air for drying and waterproofing purposes and the plaster and concrete was cleaned in preparation for the waterproofing. Once the area was dry, a latex based polymer cementitious slurry was applied in a 3 coat application method to the vertical plastered walls. The same method was applied but with membranes to the walls from foundation to the level where cladding needed to be applied as well as the boundary wall tops. The photo is an illustration of our completed work however, at that stage painting of the boundary walls still needed to be carried out by the customer.

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