Residence in Morningside

Project Type: Waterproofing and roof coating
Project Date: Apr 3, 2017

Initially we were called to attend to the waterproofing of a balcony as there was continuous problems with leakages and the customer wanted to re-tile the balcony area. Whilst busy carrying out the waterproofing work, we decided to climb on the roof area to see the condition of the roof. Both flat concrete areas and tiled roof areas were in serious need of maintenance. Upon inspection of the roof area, it was seen that most of the mortar in the ridge roof tiles was powdery due to lack of sufficient cement and in some areas the mortar was missing completely. The steel valleys needed to be maintained too. Where necessary the mortar was repaired and in many areas replaced. The roof ridge was waterproofed back to standard with a cementitious waterproofing system and the broken tiles were replaced. All flat concrete roof areas were painted with a bituminous silver paint. The roof was sprayed with Dulux Rock Grip in a charcoal colour giving the roof area a bold, neat and clean finish.

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