Commercial warehouse in Johannesburg

Project Type: Re-coating of roof area
Project Date: Nov 1, 2016

This particular warehouse roof in Johannesburg was in pretty poor condition. The paint had become chalky and dull and was in need of some good maintenance and a fresh coat of paint. We understand as a company it’s not all about aesthetics however, it is still important and most significantly, by maintaining and recoating the roof, it increases the value of the property, secures the valuable contents within the building as well as reducing the temperature inside. The action taken here was high pressure cleaning of the roof area, attending to the rust issues with a rust converter as well as a rust inhibitor. Minor waterproofing was done in areas necessary. Once the area was prepared thoroughly we proceeded with the priming and recoating of the roof which was just over 2100m² in total. We sprayed the roof with Plascon Nuroof cool in a crisp white colour with an airless spray gun. The outcome was a clean, smooth-finished texture.

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